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▪︎ When using for the first time, it is essential to leave the candle burning for a minimum of 3hrs, or until the wax has melted to the rim. Otherwise, you risk creating a tunnel effect, which will cause the candle to burn out more quickly.

▪︎ For the first use, leave the fire source longer on the wick. A wooden wick takes longer to light the first time.

▪︎ Remove the decorations (stones, flowers and others) once the melted wax allows it. Carefully remove with fingers or small forceps.

▪︎ Time after time, it will be just as essential to

let the candle melt to the rim. Only, it will take less than 3hrs.

▪︎ Before relighting your candle, make sure you have cleaned the wick by gently removing the charred end with your fingers. Otherwise, there may be sr black smoke emanating from the candle as it burns.

▪︎ Our candles are made from natural products and oils with a high flash point (burning point), which means a lower risk of fire. However, it remains a flame and accidents are not excluded. Always keep the candle in sight, in a safe place.

▪︎ To avoid cracking your container, be careful not to let the wax evaporate completely. Otherwise, the heat from the flame may create a crack. Extinguish the candle when you see that the wax is lower than the top of the metal base that holds the wick.

▪︎ Always keep out of the reach of children and pets.


Jesmonite is a strong material, but not infallible! Here are some instructions to take good care of your decoration.

▪︎ Jesmonite is heat resistant, however, it does not support direct high heat. Do not put your tray in the oven or in the microwave.

▪︎ To wash your tray / coaster or others, go gently with water and a mild soap. Each creation is covered with a protective varnish, but if you rub too hard or with a product that is too abrasive, you risk removing the protective layers.

▪︎ Your trays can easily be used as service trays. On the other hand, avoid letting a staining substance dry too long on your creation. The protective varnish is strong, but depending on how much use your board has had, this protective layer may have been thinned.
Tip: Once empty, simply give your tray a quick rinse.

▪︎ Although it might be tempting, the protective sealant would not resist it; Do not put in the dishwasher!

▪︎ Jesmonite has a strength that is close to that of concrete! Take care not to put your creations in places at risk! As mentioned above, it's not foolproof! Some creations are thinner than others and can be split more easily. Use your creations with delicacy and love!