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Welcome to a world the Universe of, inspired by the Goddesses and Gods of this world, protected by litotherapy, and guided by our inner light.

Let yourself be inspired by this wave slightly tinged with esotericism! The name GaiaLumina was first inspired by the name of the great Mother Goddess. A powerful, elegant, sophisticated & luxurious name. Lumina, being light in Latin, represented my idea of ​​the candle concept well. Also pointed out that I named my golden retriever, company mascot, Gaïa.

A small, proudly Quebec company, based in Mirabel, which works to choose, as much as possible, products that respect the environment and human and animal health. We create home decorations using Jesmonite , an eco-responsible alternative to resin/epoxy. It looks like ceramic, but the strength of the product approaches that of concrete, and the protective sealant ensures that the decoration is as smooth as porcelain. Trays, coasters, candles, soap dishes, you will find all kinds of decorations to embellish your home.

I have always been passionate and attracted by esotericism, spirituality, the afterlife! Stones and crystals are also very important in my life. I wanted to introduce this universe to others in an artistic way, while quietly educating people on the virtues and benefits. You will also find, in each of the descriptions of the candles, the benefits of each stone and crystal deposited on it, to guide you in your manifestations.

What is Jesmonite?

For those who do not yet know jesmonite, it is an eco-responsible alternative to resin/epoxy. Comprising no chemical agent, it is completely safe when used in the kitchen. Jesmonite is composed of plaster dust and water, which makes it an ally for the planet and for our health! It has the appearance and solidity of concrete, but the softness of porcelain to the touch. In addition, our products are all coated with a water-based sealant to make them water repellent. You will therefore be able to use them indoors and outdoors without risk.

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