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Discover our winter fragrances

All our candles are handmade, from the container to the decoration. The container is made of Jesmonite and protected by a sealant. The candles are made of soy wax, and decorated with high quality semi-precious stones and natural dried flowers.

Bourbon Coffee

Enjoy this rich aroma of coffee, enhanced with a drop of bourbon. Perfect to energize you during your long working days. What are you looking forward to the weekend!

Stone of the Sun: Brings the feeling of confidence, cheerfulness, joy and optimism, diffuses a lot of vitality. Promotes letting go and helps to detach oneself from the judgment of others. Stimulates to take action. Banish complexes and uncertainty.

Coco Nectarine

A tropical wind blows into your home with this smell, sweet, rich and at the same time fruity. The creamy coconut milk and the sweet aroma of nectarine will make you dream of warm weather, all enveloping with delicacy.

Rutilated Quartz Stone: Rutilated Quartz Stone: helps in solving problems by inspiring possible solutions. Helps to control and balance our energies. Helps eliminate negative energies and intrusive & toxic thoughts.

Black Obsidian Stone: Helps with low vibration protection, having one near dr allows you to shield your energy from toxic people.

Mint Vanilla

The scent of refreshing mint combined with velvety vanilla will make this fragrance fresh and comforting. Perfect for snowy days, a warm cup in your hand and a woolen blanket. It is reminiscent of hot chocolate with a candy cane!

Labradorite Stone: Helps develop intuition and wisdom. Protects against negative energies, encourages inspiration, gives energy and reduces the feeling of stress.

Rainbow fluorite stone: promotes concentration, stimulates memory and intuition. Also works humility and wisdom.

Lavender Vanilla

Lavender, recognized for its relaxing therapeutic virtues, will soothe your body and your mind while the warm vanilla will soften everything. This fragrance is the perfect ally for restorative sleep.

Stone Gray Agate Botswana: Helps alleviate depressive feelings (depression). She helps

also to find oneself in our sensuality. Gray agate is known as the stone of hope.

Eucalyptus Clémentine

Eucalyptus, being a must during cold season, will allow you to breathe better and relieve any unpleasant symptoms. Added to this fragrance, clementine oil will bring a boost of energy. The smell of clementine is also known to reduce anxiety in children and adults, not to mention the anti-depressant properties! It is essential to counter mood swings related to cold and difficult temperatures.

Clear Quartz Stone: Stone known as "Master Healer". It is a powerful healing stone for body and mind. In addition, it amplifies the virtues of other stones placed near it. Clear quartz is also used as a protective stone against harmful energies.

Citrine Stone: Powerful stone of manifestation, primarily for financial abundance. It promotes introspection and transforms negative energies into positive energies.

Fir Peach

The perfect mix between a fir forest and a peach orchard. The woody side blends perfectly well with the sweet smell of peach, the whole being slightly enhanced by the warm scent of cedar. An incredible combination, neither too woody nor too sweet.

Tiger's Eye Stone: This stone stimulates strength and healing in the body, while remaining proactive even in difficult life situations. It helps to stay grounded, live in the moment, and manifest financial abundance and success.